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It's time to do something different. And effective.

Welcome to AQK9. As soon as you bring your dog home, learning begins. Start them off right and begin training and management immediately. Whether you begin in private lessons or group classes, we train YOU to train your dog(s). Your dog is doing the best it can with the information you provide. It’s our goal to teach you to be a better handler and owner. The success of the training is entirely up to you. We provide ample resources to our clients each week including homework sheets and videos lessons. We teach you how to incorporate praise more than loads of treats to reinforce good behavior.


Training your dog to be a reliable companion builds an incredible bond. We believe every dog is entitled to good training and being able to reliably perform skills such as heeling on leash, sit-stay, down-stay, stand-stay and recall. Your dog should be a joy to live with and when around others in public, not a nuisance or a threat.


Check out our services page for a full list of all the courses and classes being offered.



Brett B

Thank you, Tiffany, and AQK9.  You have truly changed our lives.

Emily M

Tiffany’s up front and direct leadership style helped me to follow-through on the promise I made to my dog.

Amanda G

Within the first two months of working with Tiffany, Piper was a completely different dog.

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