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Private training is customized to you and your dog. This option is an option for behavioral and training issues that prevent optimal learning in a group class environment. Common behavioral cases we see are: dog reactivity, dog aggression, human shyness, fearfulness, hyper-social behaviors and these are just to name a few. Prior to the consult you will complete the application and return it to us.

Initial Consult                                                                                            Cost: $150


For your scheduled lesson, you bring the dog to the facility. We will discuss the information provided on your application, as well as behaviors we see upon your arrival and during the consult. After this initial consult we will determine if a group class could be suitable for you and your dog or recommend once a week individual training sessions to help you stay on track and be accountable for the changes you are making at home. For all private lessons, we require weekly video submission between lessons to help you stay on track while working the prescribed work at home.

5 Pack of Private Lessons                                                                        Cost: $549

Private lessons are for handlers and dogs that would not do well in a group class environment. Lessons each week will be 45-60 minutes on average with the dog at the facility. During the week, we require a video submission of your work at home (uploaded video to You Tube) to troubleshoot and provide feedback to ensure you are progressing in the work. Once you and your dog have demonstrated efficiency and understanding of the previous week’s skills, you will be given additional things to work on. Upon completion of the 5 pack, we will discuss next steps which should be a group class environment. Upon completion of a 5 pack of lessons you will have better on leash control of your dog at home.

10 Pack of Private Lessons                                                                      Cost: $899
A 10 pack of lessons is the best option for dog’s with leash reactivity, aggression or other problem behaviors where handling the dog is difficult for the owner. We will meet each week and video homework submission is required every week between lessons. On average, you will be expected to send a video to me twice a week to provide feedback. In-person lessons average 45-60 minutes. Your videos each week will be approximately 4-5 minutes and will be reviewed and critiqued. Upon successful completion of a 10 pack you will see marked improvement in your dog’s behavior and your understanding of handling your dog provided you take the time needed daily to work with your dog. At the completion of the 10 pack you should have much improved obedience at home and away from home.

In-home Consultations                                                                           Cost: $500

 In-home consultations are offered on a case by case basis and are approximately 2 hours in your home. Whether you are bringing home a new puppy or dog and want to prevent bad habits or are looking to make positive changes in how you live with your dog(s) at home this service is customized to life at home with your dog. Good training starts at home. We will discuss how the house rules should be implemented to prevent unwanted behaviors and training tasks you can do at home to further your dog’s manners. You will learn how to reinforce the behaviors you want to build on. To see lasting results, you must be committed to long-term changes with your dog in the home, which includes outside in your yard.

If you are interested in private training, please fill out our application (plan on 30 min to complete)

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