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Board and Train

Our board and train program is considered on a case-by-case basis. This program is ideal for those that do not have the  time necessary to begin the training. Consistency is key throughout your dog’s life but critical in the learning stage. Once the skills are in place, it’s a matter of maintenance. When your dog returns home, you must follow your take home instructions to ensure continued success for you and your dog. During you dog’s stay with me they will be handled and trained multiple times a day. All dogs go to the facility with me each day and return home with me at night. We visit multiple areas to train during their time with me.

What skills will your dog learn during their stay?

Crate Manners

All dogs must be accepting and comfortable in crate for home & travel. A crate is the safest place for your dog in your vehicle. All of our dog’s travel in Ruffland crates for safety. Your dog will rest and sleep in a crate overnight. We expect all of thedogs to be quiet while in their crate. We work on willing loading and calm unloading.


Your dog will be groomed and handled on a regular basis including brushing, nail trims, ear cleaning and handling they’d be expected to tolerate at a vet, groomer or with you at home. They will be put up on the grooming table, have their nails clipped and dremeled and appropriate tools for their coat will be used. We will bathe as necessary and have a nice selection of grooming products we use since we do not like smelly dogs.


Your dog will learn that, at times, they must hold stays for an extended period of time.


We teach the sit-stay, along with the stand. A sit-stay is useful in so many situations and we will work this exercise with a variety of distractions. Stand is often overlooked by many but very useful for grooming and vet visits, not to mention wiping paws and at-home grooming.


Without attention, you have nothing. We expect our dogs to always consider us in relation to their environment. Your dog will not be put into a position they are not ready for however we will continue to challenge the dog as they progress in training. Attention training begins on a 15’ long line and training collar. As weeks progress, so does the dog’s attention.

Potty on Command

Your dog will be taught to potty on command at let outs both at home, the training facility and off-site locations.


Our home is a busy home with three kids and multiple pets. Our children’s and personal dog’s best interests always come first. While staying here your dog is a guest and will be treated with respect and safety of all people and animals comes first.


We teach heel and sit on the left, as that is the traditional side the dog should be on. Your dog will be worked on their training collar and 6’ leash for this work including heeling among dogs and people.


Our dog’s must learn we are their masters and leaders. If this is off-putting to you we are not a good fit. I expect my dogs to down on command. During the down training we also introduce come when called (on leash and/or long line), increased difficulty in sit-stay, stand-stay, approach by friendly strangers and continued work on heeling.​

When your dog returns home they will understand the following: respect of their line/leash, acceptance of a kennel, the ability to walk nicely on a loose leash, sit-stay, down-stay, stand-stay, recall on leash and more. We do not train dog’s on e-collar but can discuss overlaying this tool if you like. While your dog will respond very well to me during training, it will be necessary for you to learn how too effectively handle your dog so the return home transitions smoothly. You will receive multiple videos each week of your dog’s training and updates. We do not generally use treats for training as we want to ensure your dog is reliably trained without treats when coming home on the basic commands.

The minimum stay for board and train is 4 weeks. The cost is $3000.  A 6 week stay is $4500. 


Multiple references and video samples are available on request. We stand by our work and have worked with multiple owners and dogs with excellent results for over 20 years.

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