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It's time to do something different. And effective.

AQK9 provides dog training for those wishing to create a bond with your dog.  Consistent, Fair, Communication and Fun (CF2) are the four pillars of our program.  We are different.  No trophies because you showed up. 


A lot of problems are the owners, not the dogs themselves.  We teach how to work with your dog and get the most from them.  We expect you to put effort into your relationship with your dog; be an advocate for good dog behavior.  We deal with a lot of breeds that don't traditionally have a good public reputation. 


Our customers change that perception.


  • Sundays 11am - 1pm


    15 US dollars
  • Mon & Wed runs (May 3 - 26)

    Starts May 3

    400 US dollars
  • Saturdays @ 12:15pm

    Starts Jun 5

    199 US dollars
  • Saturdays @ 11am

    Starts Jun 5

    159 US dollars

Check out our services page for a full list of all the courses and classes being offered.



6111 Hwy 10 North

Suite 400

Ramsey, MN 55303


Tel: 763.634.1899


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