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Brett Burfeind


Brett started training with AQK9 in 2021 thinking he would "fix" his problem dog in 10-weeks and move on with his life. Little did he know he would fall in love with obedience training, AQK9, and all his fellow classmates and dog-centric friends. Obedience training and helping others learn how to handle their dogs have grown into Brett's passion.

Brett substitute teaches Koehler Club and organizes AQK9 off-site training sessions. He loves the boxer breed, having owned multiple sets of boxers over the past 25 years, and volunteers with the Minnesota Boxer Rescue. Brett's current resident boxers are Rex, who is his training partner and the better half of Team Brexy, and Fiona, his senior-living relaxation pet. Brett and Rex compete in both UKC and AKC obedience.

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