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Victoria Peterson

Animal Massage Therapist

Hi everyone! My name is Victoria and I am an Animal Massage Therapist and Bodyworker. I run my own small business called The Balanced Orchid. I have been a human massage therapist for 15 years and animal massage therapist for 7. I specialize in chronic pain and injuries, with a focus in structural misalignments. I graduated with an AAS Degree (focusing on Massage Therapy, Kinesiology, and Biomechanics) from Minnesota School of Business in 2009. I also have been a member of the IAAMB (International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork) since 2018. Recently, I retired from human massage so I can focus primarily on animal clients, and I love every minute of it! Even though I’ve been a massage therapist for many years, I have been working with animals just as long. Whether working at the Animal Humane Society, a boarding facility, a vet clinic, or volunteering with various rescue groups in the Twin Cities, animals have always been a part of my life. Since 2010, I have helped as a Vet Assistant for Dr. Jessica Levy of Holistic Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Levy has been amazing mentor by helping study and understand various ailments in the animal world. In my free time, I’m training my Aussie, Levon, with Tiffany, or enjoying a nice glass of red wine.


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