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Construction Quarantine

Might as well quarantine at the new facility and get things completed on the list.

The walls are being painted and the wainscot will be put in place. The electricians are wrapping up the wiring. Lights will be going in; we actually repurposed some lights from our home that fit the decor in the retail area well. The interior construction is completed, so the rest is on Blake. Have some accent walls that we will be doing also in the retail area (wood from a neighbor's garage clean out).

The commercial fridge/freezer arrived; we will be carrying 3-4 varieties of Raw Rah's AQ raw blends. Plenty of room for beer & wine in the fridge (hmm, maybe a beer/wine license; lol). Seriously, we will carry some regular beverages and refrigerated dog treats.

Window front signage is almost complete too. We also are contemplating having a photo studio built in for dog portraits; have to feel that one out. All pictures (including window signage) will be from Blake.

The big mats will be here on Monday; nine 45ft rolls (any volunteers?).

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