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Painting Hell

My hands are swollen from painting. Even with the power roller (first 5 gallon bucket incinerated), it is extremely time consuming. The straight line I put in at 12 ft high was a pain in the behind. However, it is paying off. Three sheets of wainscot is up. For those in the know, I realize that the lines are horizontal vs vertical. However, I don't feel like cutting 24 4x8 sheets in half. The below picture gives you an idea of what the finished wall will look like. I still have to spray the wainscot, but it will be in a shade of white.

The fun electronic stuff is coming in. All the cameras and audio gear is here. I've been given a deadline of May 2. Added to the list today was a custom dog crate area with a granite top that I have to build (hmm, have to figure that one out).

Also, we just put together a t-shirt group buy. They are pretty funny: "i'd pet that" is the slogan. If you'd like to order, we are doing them at cost. Sign up here:

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