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The Details

We haven't posted any updates in awhile, as we've been busting our butts to get the facility completed for this weekend. All the rubber flooring is completed. Floor has been trimmed out. Still need additional photos on the vast wall space and the TV needs to be mounted. Tiff has plenty of whiteboard space. In addition to the two 4x3', she has a 14x4' on the other end. You know how she likes to use the whiteboard.

The outdoor lighted sign arrived. However, it needs to be mounted yet. 8' x 3' sign will look fantastic at night. built (USA) and shipped the sign in 7 days; I'd highly recommend them.

The bathroom is 95% completed. Sorry, no dog wash unless you want to use the toilet. Flooring looks awesome and completely waterproof. Need to trim out the flooring still. But, it is ready for all the butts.

The retail space has been taking a ton of time. I underestimated the amount of time needed to complete this. We are stocking with all American made small craft products. We have apparel in stock; the embroidered sweatshirts are so soft. Collars and leashes are being stocked. We have a small assortment of treats and raw food.

Unfortunately, due to my wife's persistence on incorporating the dog tags in the desk, that is way behind. That is a key component of the retail space. Tough to sell anything without a point of sale counter. We've had about 70 dog tags donated to us, and Tiff eBayed some tags from the 70s. First time doing epoxy but it turned out well. There is another section of the counter not yet completed.

Some of you have visited the facility already through its various stages. We hope to see more of you; this facility is for you. We want to create the best possible training facility out there. You already know you have the best trainer, now we have the facility to go with her.

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